Monday, April 21, 2008

My Calendar

At work today I finally got my own desk! Finally after almost two weeks I don't have to computer/desk hop trying to use other peoples computers while they're gone anymore. And I realized I was in need of a calendar. I remembered these blank calendars I saw in a craft store, so I went and lucky for me they were on sale! Nothing beats $1.50! Now, I'm still busy so I wasn't able to get all months done, but I did get April done (even though we only have almost 1 week left). I think this calendar is way cuter than any store bought one I've seen, don't you? :) Plus it's a fun project to get away from cards for a minute.

On a different note, I had Deb ask me what rappelling was (it was in my comments on the side "about me") and if you don't have mountains around you probably have never heard of it. Lucky for me I live in Utah which means I'm surrounded by mountains. What rappelling is, is you have a harness that's attached to a rope and the rope is attached to something like a rock or tree at the top of the cliff and you basically go down the cliff with a contolled fall. Don't worry by controlled fall, I mean with the equipment you can actually make yourself stop on a dime, but its SO much fun! I absolutely LOVE it! Here's a picture of me rappelling last summer!

Also, it's my sister's birthday today, so if you have time, stop by Inkgenious and wish Jill a Happy Birthday!

Happy Stamping!


Jill said...

Cool calendar! I want to make one. And awesome shot of rappelling. I want to learn how. Unfortunately there are no mountains here. Maybe some day. (Oh, and thanks for the shout out about my birthday!)

The Rare-its said...

Cool wendy- i'm excited that I finally got your blogsite down and able to come take a peek. hopefully i'll have more time to catch up on on the posts..but it looks like you're having fun!!

I miss repelling so bad! when i lose weight we'll have to go together. i used to do that alot with my brother jer :)

happy birthday to your sister jill, which i hope is an in-law, because otherwise there's some explainin' to do from ur mom and pop! haha :)

i look forward to checkin in on your blog now, from now on-

love ya

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Awesome calendar...Some how I missed seeing this post. I hope you are doing well. It's been awhile.