Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Inspiration.....

It's nice to finally have a hobby that I truely enjoy. My sister-in-law Jill from inkgenious has been a true inspiration for different ideas and creations of mine. The cards are just beautiful and somehow with her four boys and husband, she somehow finds time to kick out a card almost everyday! I don't know how she does it :)

This card was made for my neice, who had a birthday earlier this month. I saw a card that Jill had done awhile back and it was so simple with a little cupcake on it. The card stuck in my mind and finally I found a cupcake stamp I liked, which I found for $1 at Michael's (being cheap makes it SO much sweeter). I used my new little sewing machine my husband bought me. I also tried some glitter paint on the cupcake, which I wasn't sure I was going to like, but it turned out it made the card a little cuter. I guess the next step would to be to actually send it to her......oops!

I also tried out another craft I stole from something Jill had made. I first saw Jill's coasters when she had made them for our Grandma for Christmas. They were SO cute, but I wasn't sure exactly how she made them. My husband and I were wandering through Home Depot to day- dream of things we wish we could afford and I saw the tiles! To be honest I still am not sure how she makes them, but I figured I'd try them out. I stamped them and then used my chalk set. I also sprayed it with flat clear spray paint which gave the chalk a nice touch without making it shiney.