Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What's Black and White and Red All Over? .... A Thank You Card!

It was my husband's idea for the post title, but I think it's perfect :)
So this is a new card design than I've ever used before. I wanted to try something other than just a normal creased in the middle card. I'm trying to step outside of my comfort zone and grow a little. I've been trying to get an idea for this card for a few weeks now. All I knew was that I wanted to use my black doted paper with some sort of red. Finally I just sat down and tried to figure it out as I went. This is what I came up with. I also have this other picture to show you how it opens. I really love how it turned out!
Sorry this is such a short post, but it's way past my bedtime and I need my sleep :) Have a wonderful rest of the week! Take care!


Jill said...

Cute card. I love the black white and red. Reminds me of the cover of a Stephenie Meyer novel. ;)

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Your title totally cracked me up!

Awesome design!


The Rare-its said...

I think the title and card go awesome together, he made a great choice!

looks great :)

Beth Thomas said...

That is too cute! What a great design and I love that color combo, especially with the polka dots!

Deb Wood said...

Love your blog, some really cute cards and gorgeous pictures!!

Mels said...

Hey girl,
just say your link on Mary's blog and was glad to see what you've been up to! I love the cards, I love making cards, thanks for the ideas. I hope you are doing great, we hope the best for you and feel free to see what we're up to at - love ya, cousin Melanie