Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What a crazy way to start May!!!

I'm BACK!! Sorry I haven't posted anything for awhile, these past couple weeks have been so incredibly busy. It was the end of the month (April) and I was so behind at work that I was working 14 + hours a day and I think that it took me this long to finally recover and not just hop into bed as soon as I got home. The other thing is that on my free weekend, my husband graduated with his Associate and we were mostly travelling. It was great to see him graduate! Is it me, or does it seem that somehow they always manage to find the most incredibly boring person to speak? :)
SO...... I have to tell you all about my little "adventure" I had last week. Where I live, there was a warehouse that sold scrapbooking things online. The owner decided that she wanted to change her business to selling shoes, so she decided to get rid of her scrapbooking stuff. Only a handful of people were actually told about this sale, and luckily my boss was one of those people. Now this wasn't any ol' sale..... this was the deal..... $25 for anything you can fit in your car. Just in case you didn't get that....$25 FOR ANYTHING YOU CAN FIT IN YOUR CAR!!!! :) It was like a dream, too good to be true..... but it was true and I have a room full of paper and a hurt back to prove it ! :) IT WAS GREAT!!
I also was reading June's Creating Keepsakes and I was inspired to make this card. One of my favorite parts of Summer is picnic's and you can't have picnic's without watermelon. This was a simple card, but it turned out really cute. It was a good card to get back into the stamping groove.

Thank you for the comments of concern when I went MIA! I'm here and ready to do some major card making.

Happy Stamping!


Beth Thomas said...

What a cute card! I love it! Congrats to your hubby on his awesome accomplishment! I'm not believing that deal you found! Can't wait to see what you make with your new goodies.

The Rare-its said...

Congrat's on the Associates for your hubby! Awesome! and way 2 go on the cool finds in the scrapbooking warehouse, I would have gone crazy myself for those things!!!! WOW!
You look cute in your picture together..
I'm glad to know you're still alive and kickin', i've checked your site now and then and wondered about you :)
well- just an FYI, I'm no longer going to be at the Allphin reunion, so if you're going- i'll not beable to see you then...
If you're going to be in the SLC area at the end of July, beginning of AUG, I may beable to! hint, hint!
love ya

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Congrats to your husband!!! Bet if feels good! :-)

Wow...$25 for a car load?!!! I would be dreaming!!!!

You are blessed!!!


Liz said...

You have to be kidding me on that deal! I would have drove up there just to fill my car! And it would have been great, I drive an Excursion so I could have filled it!!! :) Well I'm glad you got it... :) hhahah Congrats to your husband too!

Jill said...

First of all I'm so glad you found time to post again. Secong: Yeah Carter! He looks so handsome in his cap and gown. You two are so cute! Love the card too. (My other sister-in-law, Maurianne is in that magazine--can't wait to pick one up and check it out!) And, holy cow on your awesome find! I bet you got all kinds of fun stuff. You should take a picture and post it so we can all drool! ;) Can't wait to see you guys when we come out this summer! Maybe you are Carter could teach me how to rapel. I've never been before...

The Rasmussen Family said...

Wendy! Thank you so much for the blogcandy! I got it today! It is adorable!!!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!

Liz said...

Hey Wendy! I got the blog candy! Thanks so much! I love it... The pink papers are adorable! I will be posting it all tomorrow on my blog with a special thanks! I hope all is well with you, I haven't seen a post in a while... :) Your card was so pretty too!